About Us

HIEUTOUR CO., LTD is an International Tour Operator fully licensed for inbound and outbound tours; privately owned company majoring in individual and group tours to any destinations. We have a huge connection with many tourism partnerships in whole Southeast Asian countries, what gives you a huge advantage to get closer to many different amazing authentic cultures without any problem, beside visit our Vietnam country.

The founder, possessing many years of experience in tourism, has created many incredible travel experiences hidden in tour programs for travelers when they want to visit Mekong Delta region, or every corner in Vietnam country, even to Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Thailand on the roads side. Joined by a team of experienced, knowledgeable and professional guides, we are so proude to be your best friends and bring to you the amazing sights of local destinations, cultures and cuisines.

Especially, HIEUTOUR CO., LTD specializes in organizing ecological tours in the whole Mekong Delta. When joining a tour with HIEUTOUR CO., LTD. You will not only explore interesting lands but also get to know more about the cultures and customs of Vietnamese people. 

With the slogan “Not just a tour…”, we have always tried to bring you interesting memorable experiences, relaxing moments and opportunities to explore and challenge yourselves. We are well known on TripAdvisor travel website and LonelyPlanet guide book with the Top Choice in Mekong Delta.

By our potential and vision about the future of tourism in Vietnam as well as in Mekong Delta. HIEUTOUR CO., LTD continues to expand the tourist market to bring more and more opportunities to local communities in Mekong Delta which help their living is much improvement and to bring the best services for traveler all over the world. Book for your quality of travel.


Our team is trained in the professional enviroment of tourism what we can bring the most unique trip to you and family 


Booking tour with us is easy ever, by online or direct at our offices. Our sales are always there for you whenever you need us. You can chat with us on the webpage before confirming tours and you can email or dail us with phone call and WhatsApp


We are leading for creating many of new incredible tours with luxury travels and adventure tours. You can find some of similar local tour companies in Can Tho city, but we are the experts by organizing and customizing tours for the whole Mekong Delta and Vietnam.

Customer's Reviews

Our customer’s reviews are based on the real experiences and real reviews from our value travelers. As the pictures telling you how much they were enjoyed with our company tour products and tourism services supported. You may find some local tour company in Southern part of Vietnam, but we’re the experts by creating  and organizing the most unique travel items at your needs with most incredible experiences ever.

Clarissa Wolman

Great experience - Very professional company "It starts with the booking: on line, easy process, quick answers, no surprise, good description of what is planned and the schedule. "

Lora Spielberg

Hieu's Tours are the best by far!!! "I absolutely love Hieu's Tours, and I absolutely love Vietnam! Don't make the mistake of booking with another company, because these guys have got everything completely right and perfect."

Christopher Brown

Best Tour In Vietnam "The whole experience was eye opening and also very relaxing. I've been on other tours where you feel pressure to buy things at each site you visit. There was absolutely none of that. I can't recommend using Hieu Tours enough".

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