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Hieutour Co., Ltd is a top choice travel company located in the heart of Can Tho City that specializes in eco-friendly tours. Since it was established in 2015, Hieutour Co., Ltd has become a reliable and prestigious company for domestic and international travelers to visit and experience the cultures and traditions of the Mekong Delta in particular and Vietnam in general. We are now well-known on Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book and TripAdvisor Travel Website. With this, we are always working very closely with the local community to create an array of authentic programs aligned with our slogan “Not Just a Tour… “. We clearly understand the advantages and potential of the Mekong Delta through its natural heritage, interlacing river system, trees laden with fruits and most especially the ever-hospitable people. With this mission in mind, we are always making an effort for Mekong Delta to be developed and become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

There are many things that you will find out when booking with Hieutour Co., Ltd. We bring travelers further and deeper into the regoin and country cultures and religions and histories , to let them enjoy beautiful landscapes, get close to nature and wild life, and immerse in the peace of every nook and corner. We go above and beyond the best value of travel, unique experiences and deliver a message to save our environment – save our life. We are promoting “Zero-Plastic Tours” and we are working as hard as we could to support the government with its Clean Environment Projects so as to reduce as much garbage and plastic trash as possible floating on our river system.

Currently, we organize a variety of tours starting from Saigon to many destinations such as the Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island and even throughout Thailand – Cambodia Border with durations ranging from 2, 3, 4 days and so on. This is what we do; optimized tours for travelers who want to know more about the Vietnamese culture. For journeys lasting 2 days, pick-up and drop-off services are provided in all provinces and cities. Traveling with HieutourCo., Ltd will give you opportunities to visit historical relics such as the Cu Chi tunnels – an impressive underground world used during the Vietnam warfare. Be back to mother nature with greenery, forest and wildlife in Dong Thap Province, visit the amazing Bird National Park, and ride on a sampan along the wonderful narrow tunnels covered with thick layers of plant foliage. On 3-day tours, we go further to rural areas in the South of Vietnam, spend time at a local homestay with very friendly people who may be limited in speaking English, but unlimited in kindness and generosity. They are willing to share all their daily life’s reality to others. The longer along the journey you go, the more diverse activities you will experience. Once you have spent time with Hieutour Co., Ltd, you are going to spend more time in life to see, learn, and even do things like a local. In addition, an exciting itinerary of activities awaits you. You can imagine a fantastic feeling when you are on a kayak rowing along the river under the shade of water coconuts and cruising through exotic plants or on a bicycle cycling the small surrounding villages of Ben Tre, Vinh Long and Hau Giang. You will follow magnificent country paths and gain more knowledge about the different species of fauna and flora in Vietnam. And we are organizing the Caravan tour what you can experience and challange yourself to explore Mekong – Cambodia – Thailand by driving car, along the southern corridor side, every month.

Last but not the least, we always keep in mind Hieutour Co., Ltd’s mantra, “Not just a Tour”. Traveling with us would be a memorable experience to taste Vietnamese cuisine; from street food stalls to restaurants while interacting with people. Moreover, as a tropical country, we are proud to be one of the heavens for exotic fresh fruits in the world. Therefore, you will get to enjoy different fruits in abundant gardens and should never miss our programs. Ultimately, we would like to express our confidence on your total travel satisfaction when you decide to book tours and services with us.


Our team is trained in the professional enviroment of tourism what we can bring the most unique trip to you and family 


Booking tour with us is easy ever, by online or direct at our offices. Our sales are always there for you whenever you need us. You can chat with us on the webpage before confirming tours and you can email or dail us with phone call and WhatsApp


We are leading for creating many of new incredible tours with luxury travels and adventure tours. You can find some of similar local tour companies in Can Tho city, but we are the experts by organizing and customizing tours for the whole Mekong Delta and Vietnam.

Customer's Reviews

Our customer’s reviews are based on the real experiences and real reviews from our value travelers. As the pictures telling you how much they were enjoyed with our company tour products and tourism services supported. You may find some local tour company in Southern part and Mekong Delta of Vietnam, but we’re the experts by creating  and organizing the most unique travel items at your needs with most incredible experiences ever.

Clarissa Wolman

Great experience - Very professional company "It starts with the booking: on line, easy process, quick answers, no surprise, good description of what is planned and the schedule. "

Lora Spielberg

Hieu's Tours are the best by far!!! "I absolutely love Hieu's Tours, and I absolutely love Vietnam! Don't make the mistake of booking with another company, because these guys have got everything completely right and perfect."

Christopher Brown

Best Tour In Vietnam "The whole experience was eye opening and also very relaxing. I've been on other tours where you feel pressure to buy things at each site you visit. There was absolutely none of that. I can't recommend using Hieu Tours enough".

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