Try to leave behind all the hustle and bustle of the city life to come and enjoy a relaxing holiday and the native cuisine at Hieu’s Cottage, a charming homestay located in Lo Vong Cung Street, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District, about 10 kilometers southwest of Can Tho’s downtown, It’s about 10 kilometers Southwest of Can Tho’s downtown, about 12km from Can Tho International Airport.

General view of Hieu's Cottage

From here, visitors can easily gain access to famous tourist attractions such as Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery, Cai Rang Floating Market, Phong Dien Floating Maret, Muoi Cuong Organic Cacao Garden, Vam Xang Orchard, Homemade Noodles Workshop, Ut Dzach Hammock shaped fine rice cake, Traditional Blacksmith, Fruit Orchard, etc. Hieu’s Cottage promising to bring visitors many memorable and marvelous experiences.

Surrounded by long lines of green trees and a beautiful natural lake, Hieu's Cottage brings visitors closer to nature to experience a truly peaceful feel with various fruit orchards featured of the Mekong Delta such as durian, mangosteen, Ha Chau Burmese grape. Visitors can lose themselves in many activities such as visiting the garden, biking, swimming, kayaking or simply finding the best spot to contemplate the stunning view of dusk and dawn. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a cup of warm tea in the morning, read a book or simply relax on a wooden sofa. Far away from the hustle and bustle of life, visitors can feel the tranquility of the homestay with the beautiful bamboo trees, various green trees, and blooming orchids.

Hieu's Cottage Surrounded by long lines of green trees

Considering as a green homestay, Hieu’s Cottage has an area of more than 35.000m2 and comprises 24 rooms and can accommodate up to 80 guests per night. The room has various decorations from classic colonial to contemporary with green spaces of the garden and a small yard in front, all designed to make visitors feel nature.

Hieu’s Cottage divides our rooms into 4 areas: Cuu Long (9 dragons), Tile Houses, Cottage, Lotus Lake. Each place has its individual specific:

  • The cottage area has a private bathroom to let you enjoy nature and the cool atmosphere. Also, the main materials used for the construction is wood in order to let you feel the lifestyle of the Mekong people.
  • Tile Houses have a little bit of innovation: walls made of bricks, this area reminding a semi-modern architecture of the West.
  • Lotus Lake has a beautiful view overlooking, the materials of this construction is a semi- architecture of woods and bricks. From this view, you can see fishes swimming around the lake.
  • Cuu Long is as same as the Tile Houses area but surrounded by various flowers, near the swimming pool (we highly recommend you to book this area because of its well-furnished).

Hieu's Cottage brings visitors closer to nature

Are you looking for a room that fits your family on this holiday? Come to Hieu’s Cottage to meet your expectation!! In Hieu’s Cottage, we have lots of room that satisfy your requirement. Especially the Cottage Family Room.

The Cottage Family Room of Hieu's Cottage

The Cottage Family Room is the most impressive of the homestay. It is perfect for a family which has 4 members thanks to 02 comfortable double beds. Staying here you will be surprised by the rustic of the room also the beauty of facilities in every detail that cleverly added. The main materials used for the construction are wood and water coconut leaf- a kind of fruit that is familiar in the Mekong Delta. The construction will show you the ancient lifestyle of the people in the Mekong Delta which rarely found nowadays.

The room comes with an open view shower, a bath, a chair, a fridge, an air-conditioner, hairdryer which will fulfill your basic needs. Also, the room is set in front of a lovely swing and a coffee table, peace, and relaxing atmosphere are waiting for you to enjoy. Hieu’s Cottage already prepared chess for your kids in order to stay away from the electric devices and to fully enjoy the whole new day.

Wildlife bathtub outside of Hieu's Cottage

Do you want a huge room for a big family of 8 members? More than that, the room must have a large and quiet area. Hieu’s Cottage is happy to announce that we can accommodate all your needs with the Premium Family Room.

Premium Double Room of Hieu's Cottage

What do you think after seeing the word “Premium”? Is it full of accommodation? It’s more than that, Hieu’s Cottage always focuses on visitors’ experiences especially in this room. Located in the middle of the area and separated from the outside, visitors will have a large (60m2 or 646ft2) but peaceful area thanks to the prime location of this room type: The Lotus Area. The room is well-prepared with 02 comfortable double beds. The main materials used for the construction are mainly wood and water coconut leaf - a kind of fruit that is familiar in the Mekong Delta. The construction will show you the modern features mixed with the ancient ones. The room comes with an open view shower, a chair, a fridge, an air-conditioner, a hairdryer that fits all of your basic needs. Also, the two-room is connected to each other to facilitate movement.

Family room of Hieu's Cottage

Are you considering whether you should choose double beds or single ones? Don’t worry, Hieu’s Cottage has the Deluxe Twin Room just right here for your requirement. Thanks to the garden view in these rooms, visitors will have a blank space in front of the room to see the beautiful flowers, the green trees, and sometimes animals such as lizards, bullfrogs, etc. The room is perfect for friends or couples. It features 02 comfortable single beds and fitted with an air-conditioner, a fridge, a hairdryer, and 02 chairs, an open view shower. The main materials used for the construction are mainly wood and water coconut leaf- a kind of fruit that is familiar in the Mekong Delta. The construction will show you the modern features mixed with the ancient ones.

Garden view from the Deluxe Twin Room of Hieu's Cottage

Located in a quiet place of Lotus Lake is the Premium Double Room. The room is perfect for the couple who needs privacy but safety. It features a comfortable 01 double bed and comes with a shower, a chair, a fridge, a hairdryer, an air-conditioner. The Premium Double Room promises will be the best room for those who love quietness and fitness thanks to a gym nearby.

One of the rooms you can not miss is the Cottage Triple Room. The room is suitable for a group of 03 friends. It features a comfortable of 03 single beds and comes with a shower, a fridge, a hairdryer, an air-conditioner. Located at the Lotus Lake and the Cuu Long area, the Cottage Triple Room has many options for you if you want a quiet place or an active place. Hieu’s Cottage recommends you book Cottage Triple Room in Cuu Long area in order to have the most beautiful pictures.

Authentic and Charming Cottage Triple Room

Last but not least, Deluxe Triple Room is perfect for a small family which has parents and 01 children. It features a comfortable 01 double bed and 01 single bed and comes with a fridge, an air-conditioner, 02 chairs, a hairdryer. This kind of room mostly located in the Cuu Long area so you will have a nice view for pictures.

Deluxe Triple Room with a stunning view

Moreover, breakfast will be served every morning at the restaurant nearby with some common meal in Vietnam and also in Mekong Delta such as banh mi, bun reu (Vietnamese crab vermicelli), hu tieu (rice noodle soup). Besides, the coffee bar and swimming pool are ready to satisfy you and your family.

Coming to Hieu’s Cottage you are not only enjoying the countryside atmosphere, the quietness but also the accompanying services of the homestay. Will you choose Hieu’s Cottage to let your family enjoy the newest thing ever?

Enjoying the green atmosphere in Hieu's Cottage

Besides, Hieu's Cottage offers a meeting room that can be used for holding seminars, conferences, or presentations for up to 30 people.

With the stunning swimming pools, old-style coffee shops, amazing Mekong Delta Tour, gym, fishing lake, lotus lake. No matter where visitors make their reservation, they can still use these works to enjoy the most comfortable stay. Coming to Hieu's cottage, you will have a chance to check in with some unique atmosphere such as flower garden, The wall of time, unique Monkey bridge. Spend your days cycling, cooking, fishing, visiting villages.

The rural swimming pool in Hieu's Cottage

Hieu's Cottage is not only a peaceful and ecological place but also a wonderful stay for tourists to relax and experience an unforgettable holiday. After the hustle of daily life, what could be more wonderful for visitors than being refreshed and immersed in the rural swimming pool?

Bringing together modern facilities, airy spaces with proximity to nature and courteous, professional staff, and the cozy hospitality of the locals. Hieu’s Cottage makes every visitor’s holiday an unforgettable experience while in Can Tho.

Set amidst the gardens, the restaurant inside the homestay serves visitors a rich culinary experience with a variety of local meals such as fried bread, Hu Tieu, Bun Reu, Banh Lot, traditional cakes. It also offers coffee, tea, fruit shakes, orange juice, bean flowers, red artichoke flowers, beers, and wines.

Immerse in the peaceful garden of Hieu's Cottage

Moreover, visitors can visit some local crafts in the souvenir shop nearby the homestay. We provide bike and bicycle services for visitors who wish to explore the area. Luggage storage is provided at the 24-hour front desk.

A large open space allowing visitors to enjoy fantastic food and a spectacular panoramic view of the homestay. Visitors can start the day with some activities such as exercise in the gym or swimming pool, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or simply have a traditional meal at the homestay’s restaurant.

Featuring a harmonious combination of modern and classic Southern architectural style, the beautiful homestay will offer visitors a feeling of peace and serenity. Hieu’s Cottage is not only a wonderful place to stay but also a wonderful location to get an amazing experience, close to nature, and immerse fully into the peaceful daily rhythm of the Mekong Delta.