Annually, when it comes to the Lunar Eighth month of the year, all the kids become so excited for a fun festival with mooncakes and lanterns to come and that festival is no other than the Mid-Autumn festival.

When the Mid-Autumn festival finally comes, the kids will get to wear the beautiful brand-new clothes and carry the colorful star-shaped lanterns to head for the “lanterns parade” with other kids in the village. When they are so full of the lanterns parade, that would mean time for games is about to start. All the fun games like Tug of war, cat chasing a mouse, or can’s ghost will really light up the atmosphere of the full-moon day. After all those fun activities, the kids will be tired and then, they will go back home to get together with the parents and grandparents for the night tea, mooncakes, and the fairytale of “Cuội the woodcutter”.

Unfortunately, not every kid has those basic privileges to enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival. There are many kids whose parents are gone, so they are not cuddled and whispered all the beautiful fairytales. And out there, many kids who are from the poor families still have to wander along the streets to sell fruits or lottery tickets to make ends meet and to them, the joy of Mid-Autumn is something vague and far-away. They all might just thirstily look at the other kids having fun.

Sympathizing with those unfortunates, Hieutour Co., Ltd wants to join hands in helping them and bringing the innocent smiles on their faces through the “LOVING MID-AUTUMN 2020” show held in Phong Điền 2 Primary School. In the show, there are many entertaining performances such as singing, games or magic show to bring the happiness and excitement for the students and we also give the small presents which are the mooncakes and lanterns to all those naïve kids. We hope that with those little efforts from us, those children will get motivated and put aside all the burdens they may face in life. We wish all the best for those children and we definitely believe that they’re all gonna be very good and successful people.