Located in the subequatorial zone, the Mekong delta is always influenced by the monsoon all year round. Annually, from the end of August until November, the rainfall goes higher than ever, and subsequently, the river water level gradually rises high as well and that phenomenon is widely known as “The floating season” in the Mekong delta.

The high water level may sometimes cause some troubling issues such as the streets to get flooded, the city gets dirty or it’s hard to go around. However, to most people, “The floating season” is considered as Mother Nature’s blessing since it carries the fertile alluviums to the agricultural lands and it also brings an abundance of natural fish into the rivers. Especially, the phrase “The floating season’s treats” is also very popular and one of those famous “treats” is “Hotpot with fermented fish and river hemp flowers”. If you visit the Mekong delta during the monsoon time, you should not miss “Hotpot with fermented fish and river hemp flowers”. It is considered as a famous dish and spirit of the Mekong River in every flooding season. The spectacular combination in a hot pot comprises of the fermented fish broth, the fresh henicorhynchus fish (which only appears during the flooding season and is known as Linh fish in Vietnamese), and local vegetables including the famous river hemp flowers.This delicacy attracts a great number of people in a simple way by its special taste and its signature broth. A whole feature of Mekong’s delicacies such as coconut water, a few young tamarinds, some local common vegetables such as water lily, especially fermented Linh fish as well as the fresh Linh fish creates an aromatic base for the broth. Every ingredient in this hot pot is miraculously blended into each other, creating that mind-blowing sweetness.

Then serve with a good fish sauce and chilies is the best way to enjoy the full flavor of the delicacy. As can be said, this is the most unique cuisine for the tourists to their journey to explore the beauty of Mekong Delta.